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Unleash Your Body Potential with Movement Therapies

Physiotherapy Services and Body Alignment with Zoga Movement
Zoga Community Class.
Wednesday's 5:45pm - Tuart Hill Community Center
Weekly dose of stretching.
Price: $15.00
Zoga Movement - 1:1 approach
Discover Zoga movement tailored just for you.

Price: $140.00
Zoga Online Class
Online Class- Monday's 7 pm

Price: $15

Zoga Movement Integration Practice

- discover the freedom

Zoga integration practice combines yoga and deep anatomical understanding to align the body through mindful positioning and dynamic stretching, fostering better posture and structural balance. Through its holistic approach, Zoga integration unlocks the body's movement potential by integrating mindful awareness with purposeful physical actions, facilitating greater agility, stability, and overall well-being.

12 weeks of Zoga movement sessions to align your body

- 1:1 sessions available
- Invide your friend and experience the 12 weeks of Zoga movement together. MAX 3 people per group.

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Movement Therapies Services

Avoid injury or heal your existing injury. Appointments are designed to assess, treat and provide home exercise program.
Zoga Movement 
Zoga Movement 
Unleash your body potential.

- zoga classes

- structural integrity

Semi Private Exercise Classes 
Semi Private Exercise Classes 
Keep active

Get personalised exercise plan

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage
A remedial massage at Movement Therapies will be individualised to suit your problem and pain management. We will address any areas you are having particular trouble or tightness in.

At Movement Therapies, our physiotherapist embodies a patient-centered and holistic approach to physiotherapy, focusing on three key pillars:

Thorough Assessment: Each patient journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. This evaluation considers not only physical symptoms but also the patient's lifestyle, medical history, and individual needs. By gaining a deep understanding of the patient's condition and context, our physiotherapist can develop a personalized treatment plan.

Goal Setting: Setting goals is a collaborative process between the patient and the therapist. At Movement Therapies, we prioritize aligning these goals with the patient's lifestyle and needs. Whether the objective is to reduce pain, improve mobility, enhance functionality, or achieve other specific outcomes, the goals are tailored to reflect what matters most to the individual.

Individually Tailored Treatment Programs: Once the assessment is complete and goals are established, we design bespoke treatment programs to optimize outcomes. These programs are crafted with careful consideration of the patient's unique circumstances, preferences, and aspirations. By tailoring interventions to the individual, Movement Therapies maximizes the effectiveness of physiotherapy and supports the patient in achieving their goals.
Through these principles of thorough assessment, goal setting aligned with lifestyle and needs, and individually tailored treatment programs, Movement Therapies empowers patients to actively participate in their rehabilitation journey and promotes holistic well-being.

Check out a free shoulder movement session.

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Our Clients Say…
Great work Marta, always keeping me going so I can surf, golf, scuba dive and enjoy life. Thanks for you amazing thoughtful works.
Marta is a miracle worker 🙏🏼 she has helped me on many occasions with her physiotherapy skills including massage and needling so that I could perform at full capacity with my weight lifting passion. She has taught me so much about my body and mind and has become a very important part of my life keeping me mobile and pain free 🙌🏽.Her zoga classes work extremely well to improve my weight lifting by giving me the mobility necessary to progress.Cannot recommend Marta highly enough!
Marta is an amaizing professionalBest physio I have ever been !I wouldn’t go to anyone else