Zoga Movement Integration Practice
The goal of Zoga Movement Integration Practice is to integrate all elements of the human body's biomechanical system. By creating as many movement options as possible, we enhance the body's ability to move freely in all directions. This improved range of motion helps the body interact more effectively with gravity and distribute forces more efficiently.
Holistic approach 
Holistic approach 
In Zoga Movement Practice, we focus on guiding our clients through a journey of exploration and transformation without solely addressing symptoms. Our aim is to elevate their spatial organization and enhance efficiency in both stillness and motion. This leads to balanced force distribution, precise movement control, and improved movement capabilities. As a result, clients become more adaptable to external forces, maintaining a smooth interaction between gravity and ground reaction forces. This fosters an integrated mechanical system that's highly resilient to both external and internal influences.
For everyone 
For everyone 
The mechanics guiding our bodies through the complexities of movement within a gravitational field serve as a reliable anchor in our therapeutic process. This consistent reference point allows us to address various dysfunctions and issues that stem from imbalances in the body's relationship with gravity. By recognizing and addressing these imbalances, we can effectively enhance the overall functioning of individuals facing diverse challenges.

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Discover Structural Integrity through Zoga Movement Integration Practices

Do you have recurring pain? The ZOGA Movement Practice helps you explore your body through movement, uncovering areas with restricted or altered mechanics.

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration (SI) is a form of manual therapy and movement education aimed at improving overall body function, rather than just addressing symptoms. Developed by biochemist Ida Pauline Rolf, SI has become popular for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Benefits of Zoga Movement Integration

  • Gain Mobility: Zoga practices aim to integrate various elements of the body’s biomechanical system, creating more options for movement. This leads to better interaction with gravity and more effective force distribution.
  • Experience Change: By understanding your body’s movement, you can manage and create new possibilities for motion. ZOGA focuses on your body’s relationship to gravity, supporting overall integration and enhancing your life on all levels.

Suitable for Everyone

Zoga Movement Integration helps people with various dysfunctions by improving how their bodies move in relation to gravity. This approach can benefit anyone, regardless of their specific issues.

A Holistic Approach

Instead of focusing on symptoms, Zoga guides you through body exploration and transformation, leading to better spatial organization and efficiency. This process results in even force distribution, full movement control, and increased adaptability, creating a resilient and integrated system.

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12-Step Therapeutic Process of Zoga Movement Integration Practice

Transform your body through our structured integration process, which consists of three main stages:

Stage 1: Superficial Structure Integration (Sessions 1-4)

  • Objective: Explore and liberate movement potential in the body's superficial structures.
  • Method: Utilize global movements to free these areas, reducing compensatory patterns and superficial pain.

Stage 2: Deep Structure Integration (Sessions 5-8)

  • Objective: Enhance balance, awareness, and movement in the body's deeper structures.
  • Method: Focus on body awareness, emotional connection, and establishing a stable, safe center.

Stage 3: Dynamic Stabilization and Integration (Sessions 9-12)

  • Objective: Achieve dynamic stabilization and three-dimensional body movement.
  • Method: Increase movement possibilities, integrate surface and deep structure changes, and harmonize internal and external movements.

Class Offerings

  • Types: Group classes, semi-private, and private sessions.
  • Duration: The 12-step program takes a minimum of 12 weeks, with each step requiring one to two sessions.
  • Recommendation: For optimal results, attend 1- 2 sessions per week
Join us in Perth to transform your body and improve your overall well-being!